Make any piece of clothing, handbag etc. into a OOAK (one of a kind)
item within seconds!

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These Appliques are made from
high quality fabrics that do not fray, and vliesofix. 

Instructions for Iron On Transfer:


1. Choose (or let choose) the shirt/ bag/ jumper/ dress you would like
to adorn. Choose the iron on you would like to use.


 2. Put the fabric you would like to iron the motive on onto a heat
resistant and flat surface. Take the paper on the other side of the
transfer off and place it on the desired spot.


If you want to iron on more
than one motif, or have a motif that consists of more than one patch
like the horse in this example, you can place them on top of each other
also, they will be transferred onto the fabric (T-Shirt, Jeans, Pants,
Jacket...) that way.


 3. Put the iron onto the Cotton/ Wool temperature and with a moist cloth
iron it on in large circles for about 8 seconds. It might take longer
depending of the thickness of your ironing cloth.
Then leave it to cool down for 20 min.

done after ironing 

 4. DONE!!! 

The motif sticks to the fabric now and does not need any sewing,
however for longevity I would recommend to stitch it onto the material.
You could also adorn it with one of the sparkle flowers I sell in my
shop like I did here :)

 stitched and adorned 

 Now it is ready to be worn and will last a long time!
I hope you enjoy your iron- on adventure as much as I did with my
daughter. From choosing the shirt over choosing the motif over ironing
and stitching. Took me less than 10 minutes and we have a brand new
shirt now!

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