Thursday, January 5, 2012

Photo a day challenge - Day 5

Not the best pic in the world (again *rolls her eyes*). My excuse? Was our travelling day. 22 hours from Brisbane, Australia to Frankfurt, Germany.
Landed safely and happily now and got yo see our family again after more than 2 years.
Miss A. is so incredibly happy and grateful to be here, it is beautiful to see.

So, this is what I wore today.
My handmade upcycled T-Shirt Pixie dress with a loong hoodie :) Very comfy.

Love. Theresa xx


  1. Schade, das Kleid haett ich gern komplett an dir gesehen. Schoen, dass ihr gut angekommen seid - ich wuensch euch ganz viel Spass in "good old Germany"!

  2. irgendwo gibt es ein ganzes foto, ich guck mal: