Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sewing for me

 After a looong time and "I have nothing to wear" moments, it was time to make myself some clothes again.

I absolutely adore Gudrun Sjoedens designs and tried to make a pattern that resembles the wide, flowing and yet romantic clothes she has on offer.
She mostly uses organic fabrics and her clothes are so graceful. Love them!

So on the left, the brown fabric that I got for like $3.00 in the op shop, became the prototype for the pattern. The dress fits nicely. Next time I will not use white overlock thread for a brown dress though :)

Then I simply had to grab a piece of the pretty elephant knit for myself as well (Yesterday Miss A. got a zipper jacket made from it).

This pattern is from a Burda magazine that I got from the library last year some time.
It is a shirt with another shirt on top and I simply love the combination of purple, pink and aqua.
 Next an old doona cover with elephants (!!!) I love elephants.
My hippie indian colourful tinsel nature makes me want to have them everywhere (that's why I keep making hundreds elephant stuffies).
Just simple wide cotton pants from a selfmade pattern.
and another pair... elephants of course.
This time from a vintage curtain.

Off to the sewing room again cutting more fabrics and maybe making some more doll heads for Sami's Dolls :)

Theresa xx

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