Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My daughter's sewing adventures - Doll blankets

Yesterday, my daughter wanted to have some cuddly pillows and doonas for her dolls Aniana and Annika.
So I told her to measure the dolls and draw a pattern for the fabric.
She did all this by herself. I helped her to cut out the fabrics and then she sewed it all up at the sewing machine. She stuffed it and finally she closed the opening with a blanket stitch.
Can't tell you how proud I am of my lil bubba :) (she is 7 now and as tall as a 9 year old ).
And she was so happy and proud herself.
She said: "Mum, maybe I can help you with your sewing, I am really good at sewing straight seams now".
We'll see... :)

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