Sunday, December 18, 2011

Market Day and Big Facebook SALE

 Today I took all my goodies and Sami's Dolls down to the waterfront to Manly Craft Markets.

We were so lucky to be right next to Ken, the cookie man, who was our personal Santa Claus today.

he gave us so many cookies and little pressies for Miss A., that she whispered to me "Mummy, I think he is the real Santa Claus"
Here are the babies all set up, watching the scenery.

Many many people marveled at them, took them in their arms and dropped them a bit frightened when they saw the prices, lol.

One day the right mumma who is ready to adopt one of them will come along. I am sure.
a closer look at the display.
I love the colours and variety :)
 some babies in the bassinette
 some sitting up high with the deer-lings
 Miss Ciara amongst some dolphins and elephants that are up for Sale on Facebook tonight
 Some elephants, star cushions, horses and dolphins
 the "turtle army". aren't they just so gorgeous?
 I "splurged" and bought myself this mobile at the Fair Trade shop.
 Miss A. got herself a talking parrot. he repeats everything you say (there are only so many times and patience until this becomes very ANNOYING, lol).

The fabulous quartett singing christmas songs and lighting up everyones's christmas spirit:


  1. what a lovely stall. hope you could sell a lot and had fun!

  2. thank youuu!!!
    yes, a few little dolphin and elephant friends, bags and iron on transfers went to new homes :)

  3. Dear Theresa,
    your turtles and dolls are really so cute. Wonderful fabrics in nice colors!!!
    Liebe Grüße,