Thursday, December 8, 2011

Growing greens in the backyard

 Since I have nothing much to report of my own today, apart from a trip to the library, a dollmaking book and lots of doll heads over at SAMI'S DOLLS, I wanted to show you how it looks in our backyard.

My husband is performing miracles back there.

He plants, grows and waters all the green growing friends there.

Capsicum, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Tomatoes in the making...
Oh, the Basil! Looking good!
 Salad is looking good, but can still grow a little.
 We had so many lovely butterflies visiting, putting their eggs on the plants and all the little caterpilalres ate OUR FOOD (we love to share with them sometimes too :)), that we got the IKEA mosquito net out and now Kale, Kohlrabi and Lettuce can grow undisturbed by hungry visitors.
Looking a bit "worn out" by all the caterpillar visits.
 My absolute favorite vegetable (is it?) in the world: KOHLRABI.
So far I could not find it anywhere here in Australia.
I used to have it almost every day over in Germany.
 KALE!!! According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman the absolute best green in the world with the most nutrients and minerals etc. you can get.
I regularly buy all the Kale off Mrs. Flannery's here in Wynnum.
Maybe we will be independent with our Kale supply soon...

I absolutely cannot take any credit for these yummy vegies, since hubby is doing all the work and I only come and admire him for doing what he is doing. Maybe that helps too, though ;)
And some strawberries....

What are you growing in your back yard?

See you soon

Theresa xx


  1. Bei uns im Garten ist momentan nicht viel los bei Temperaturen so um die 5°.
    Feldsalat habe ich noch..lecker.
    Wenn ich eure Pflänzchen so sehe,möchte ich am liebsten anfangen auszusäen

  2. Hier ist es Sommer, aber ziemlich "kuehl" im Moment und es regnet gaaanz viel. Da freuen sich die Pflaenzchen :)