Friday, December 30, 2011

‎*Wishing you all a wonderful start into the year 2012! I am thanking you all for letting me share my crafty obsession with you and hope we meet again fresh and anew after my return from Germany in February! Love, Theresa xx*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Miss A. made a video today

Preparation for Germany

 I am making lots of warm winter clothes at the moment for our time in Germany starting next week.
Today I made 2 new hoodie jumpers for Miss A. and from the leftover fabric the dollies got some warm jackets too :)
 Miranda wearing the jacket.
 The other Jumper. Both patterns are from Farbenmix.
 Amiana wearing the other jacket.
 I made 2 more warm pants for myself (still have to put elastics in the waist) and finally found a place to put the adorable broad ribbons I bought on Etsy a while ago.
Love it!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas dresses

The owl is still waiting to go to her new home.
Meanwhile she is guarding my fabric shelf.
I used the Lila Tueller London Peasant dress pattern today to make myself a christmas dress.

First I used some vintage recycled fabric to see whether the pattern turns out the way I want/ need it.
 and then....... I used my absolute favourite fabrics that I kept in the shelf for months and months because I was to scared to "destroy" the beauty of it by cutting it apart.
Here is a closer look at the beauty of this fabric.
Pillow and Maxfield Pretty Bird and Pretty Bird Bloomies fabrics.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Giveaway, Facebook Sale and Fabric Washing

 I have a Rummage Sale on my facebook page due to our Europe voyage and the changes in my creativity activity :)

This adorable Rainbow dress is up for grabs at a very low price amongst other things.
 Also today I washed ALL of my fabrics and got sunburnt putting them all up on the line. It took a loooong time and 4 loads of washing to get it all done.
 Don't they look pretty all hanging out in the sun?
 What is it with women and fabric anyway? Why is it that my heart beats faster and this excitement and happiness happens?
 A different view
The one who explains this phenomenon to me most explicitly and reasonable (lol), gets a fat quarter of a surprise fabric :)

Please leave your comment here!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jacket for Miss A. and the dolls

 Today I made another jacket after the Bandito pattern by Farbenmix.

It is cold in Germany, so we need to be prepared for our visit.
 The fabric is a cotton velours from Spotlight that I got for $3.00 a meter last week.

I also had to make a little one for the dolls, of course.
 Miss. A and Annika wearing their new clothes :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Custom Owl

Today I finished a custom order for a big owl (60 cm high).

She is made from the most adorable and soft cotton in light blue with pink roses, big faithful eyes and huggable wings :)

I posted some pictures from our yard and around the house on Sami's Dolls blog too.

Hope you are having a stres- free week leading up to Christmas!

Theresa xx

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Market Day and Big Facebook SALE

 Today I took all my goodies and Sami's Dolls down to the waterfront to Manly Craft Markets.

We were so lucky to be right next to Ken, the cookie man, who was our personal Santa Claus today.

he gave us so many cookies and little pressies for Miss A., that she whispered to me "Mummy, I think he is the real Santa Claus"
Here are the babies all set up, watching the scenery.

Many many people marveled at them, took them in their arms and dropped them a bit frightened when they saw the prices, lol.

One day the right mumma who is ready to adopt one of them will come along. I am sure.
a closer look at the display.
I love the colours and variety :)
 some babies in the bassinette
 some sitting up high with the deer-lings
 Miss Ciara amongst some dolphins and elephants that are up for Sale on Facebook tonight
 Some elephants, star cushions, horses and dolphins
 the "turtle army". aren't they just so gorgeous?
 I "splurged" and bought myself this mobile at the Fair Trade shop.
 Miss A. got herself a talking parrot. he repeats everything you say (there are only so many times and patience until this becomes very ANNOYING, lol).

The fabulous quartett singing christmas songs and lighting up everyones's christmas spirit:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy making dolls

Today I've been busy making doll hair and sewing clothes and undies for the pretties over at Sami's Dolls.

I will be at Manly Craft Markets tomorrow from 8 am to 3 pm, outside Manly baths, opposite IGA, next to the ships :)

Theresa xx

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fabrics and mugs instead of food

 Today I picked up my Christmas Pressie at Belle Bazaar Boutique, and since Spotlight is so close by, I simply HAD to have a look at all the things available.

I spent 10 times more than what I had planned, so we had to eat what was still in the fridge and pantry, because I blew the shopping money for pretty fabric, doll yarn and cotton thread.

Feeling a bit bad about it, but.... happy about these pretty mugs too, that I picked up at the checkout.
Teatime will be so much more enjoyable now :)

Lotsa love

Theresa xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Early Christmas present for the whole family

Today I bought us all a table tennis table!

Everyone was eager to help assemble it, oh, the excitement!
 Here it is nearly done, upside down on the ground.

Master N. and Miss A. did a great job helping to put it up.
 Here it is!
Waiting to be played with.
Getting ready for the first game :)

Some more christmas shopping to do, but this will keep them happy and entertained til christmas eve (this is when wee celebrate here, as we used to do in Germany).

have a lovely day!

Theresa xx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kawaii Dolls and the Crafty Mumma's Giveaway

This little friend was up for a giveaway over at Crafty Mumma's, a great facebook page promoting handmade goodness in Australia.

She will travel to her new home soon.

And another thing I wanted to show you:

I seem to have a soft spot for the adorable little Kawaii Girls!
I so love them. Today I found this super cute sparkly waterball one :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New fabric and a new work room

 Thanks to the uber generous fabric donation by a dear facebook friend I can fill up my new old fabric shelf.
 I love peeking into other artist's studios and I absolutely love seeing fabric stashes. So here is mine (or at least a part of it).
After my trip to Ikea to get hubby new shelves and Miss A. a doll bed, I ended up with the new shelves and hubby with my old one (:)) and have a lot of room to organize my office/ sewing room.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Growing greens in the backyard

 Since I have nothing much to report of my own today, apart from a trip to the library, a dollmaking book and lots of doll heads over at SAMI'S DOLLS, I wanted to show you how it looks in our backyard.

My husband is performing miracles back there.

He plants, grows and waters all the green growing friends there.

Capsicum, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Tomatoes in the making...
Oh, the Basil! Looking good!
 Salad is looking good, but can still grow a little.
 We had so many lovely butterflies visiting, putting their eggs on the plants and all the little caterpilalres ate OUR FOOD (we love to share with them sometimes too :)), that we got the IKEA mosquito net out and now Kale, Kohlrabi and Lettuce can grow undisturbed by hungry visitors.
Looking a bit "worn out" by all the caterpillar visits.
 My absolute favorite vegetable (is it?) in the world: KOHLRABI.
So far I could not find it anywhere here in Australia.
I used to have it almost every day over in Germany.
 KALE!!! According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman the absolute best green in the world with the most nutrients and minerals etc. you can get.
I regularly buy all the Kale off Mrs. Flannery's here in Wynnum.
Maybe we will be independent with our Kale supply soon...

I absolutely cannot take any credit for these yummy vegies, since hubby is doing all the work and I only come and admire him for doing what he is doing. Maybe that helps too, though ;)
And some strawberries....

What are you growing in your back yard?

See you soon

Theresa xx