Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Memory Quilt

A massive project is finally finished!!!
The crazy quilt made of scrap fabric, old beloved pieces of clothing, bed linen etc.
We love it! A keeper, definitely.

"Eiadecke" among other bits and pieces :)

Dora, from an old T-Shirt and bits from a "tree of life" Tunic

Another piece (a pocket) of the ladybug shirt given to us by Katrin for Amina when she was about 3 years old

Pieces of Aminas cuddly blanket, Theresas baby pillow case, Aminas Dora Shorts, Theresas Kangaroo shirt she bought as a souvenir on the way back to Germany after her first stay in Australia and a piece of a shirt Katrin gave us for Amina when she was really little :)

One of Omamas Shirts given to Amina: "Prinzessin Lillifee"

Sequins from one of my old tops and leftover fabric

One of Aminas toddler shirts, now part of the quilt

a sparkly piece from our queen bed sheet

bits and pieces, scraps, old t-shirts, bed sheets...

Amina loves the quilt :)

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